What I do

My work is a mixture with a dollop of skill, a bucket of luck, and a tank full of trying.

Soap Film Photography is my specialty. The simplest version starts making a solution with soap, water, and glycerin mixed in equal parts. Make a circular frame with a thin metal wire. Dip it in the solution and pull it out so that a film of soap is formed within the frame. Observe carefully and you’ll see a magical world of colors and patterns. Then it’s simply of matter of lighting it and shooting.

I discovered soap film photography when looking for interesting things to do with my 100 mm Macro lens as a part of the learning process. Over the last few years I’ve experimented with this and ended up with numerous techniques that result in very fascinating results. These will be shared on the website in the coming months.

Apart from shooting these in my in-house studio, I enjoy shooting nature and landscapes outdoors in peace and solitude. Most of my work focuses on vibrant colors, lines, patterns, and shapes. Occasionally, I prefer black and white or monochrome to convey the feeling or idea.