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"...The prints are stunning and I received compliments on them from all our guests. I couldn't be happier with the selection that we made..." -Amy

"I love this artist's ability to capture the world around us in very creative ways... Each time I look at these pieces I feel inspired and grateful for the opportunity to have these at home to enjoy..." -Elia

"I have one of Lightly Spiced Gallery's modern nature photos hanging in my office and I absolutely love it!..." - Callie



Strong use of contrast and a slightly heavy hand in editing has been used to create, first of all, an aesthetically pleasing image. This pelican represents the common person. We all have our wings clipped in some way or another and we belong to a large community in general. Even then, there is almost always a yearning inside us to break free and fly high. There is no limit to the ambition each of us fosters either for ourselves or our dear ones. Do believe, it is possible.

This work is available in a limited edition of 50 prints.