Artist's Note - Soap Film Photography

I got into Soap Film photography because colors and patterns fascinate me. Even after nearly four decades on earth, I find myself going out searching for rainbows whenever I see the sun and rain at the same time. As I’ve explored the magic of vibrant hues and delightful patterns in soap films over the past few years, some other thoughts have come to mind that I’d love to share with you -

Ephemeral yet Eternal
As you enjoy the patterns and colors, note that the soap film bursts soon after it is formed. I marvel at the notion that something so ephemeral can also be eternal through the magic it produces and the joy it brings. Indeed, when we ponder on it, the duration of their existence in our life is perhaps akin to that of our own on the cosmic scale. Everyone has the potential to make an everlasting impact.

A Different Light
It is worth noting that the film itself is mostly transparent and largely invisible. It is only when we look at it from particular angles that the colors emerge. It is, in a way, a constant reminder to learn to look at things in a different light. Appearances, after all, can be deceiving. Someone special or something phenomenal can be right in front of us and we completely miss it.

Insignificance to Immortality

All we are seeing here is light. Or light transformed into its various visible color wavelengths through a process called “Interference”. The film of soap is not visible but it is selflessly letting others shine through and be the star. Perhaps that is the path from insignificance to immortality, from worthless to wondrous.

Let’s not forget light either. The glorious, all-illuminating phenomenon is made up of so many different components that work seamlessly together helping life thrive. Each wavelength, as we can see here in different colors, is individually spectacular with its own characteristics. They work together in varying permutations to produce all the hues that exist in the world. What if, instead of harmony there was discord? Darkness and destruction would definitely descend upon us.

Imagine a world where humans could learn from light and the film of soap.