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Landscape and Nature

I love the outdoors and the National Parks. This collection includes some of my best work when visiting mother nature in a more personal and intimate setting, usually when away from the crowds.

In most cases, I do not go out to shoot the more commonly famous photo hot spots. Instead, I search for beauty in relatively less common areas. That being said, some locations, like the Portland Japanese Garden or Lake Louise in Alberta are simply too gorgeous to ignore. In this collection you will see some eclectic mix of photographs from a few famous locations and some out of the way areas.

A lot of my nature images are created using a technique called HDR or High Dynamic Range. I take 5 photos from the same spot with slightly different exposures. This allows for capturing great detail in dark as well as bright areas of a scene. I do not make composites. For example, taking the sky from a different shot and blending it with a scene at a separate location is a strict no, no.

I hope modern art collectors and all viewers will enjoy perusing this gallery and find art that moves and inspires them. Even find some contemporary nature art that they would want to live with.



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