Thank you for your interest in my work. Through this website I’m offering my contemporary abstract and nature photography in the form of luxurious, elegant, limited-edition, fine art prints. Edition details are provided on the collections or product page.

While I use many different techniques, my work can primarily be divided into two categories

1) Abstract Photography of Iridescence on the surface of soap films

2) Nature and Landscape photography

You can see all my work through the Collections page or by scrolling below. The Artist page has more information about me. There is a beautiful message associated with the soap film photos which is akin to an artist’s statement. Details on the Chromaluxe Aluminum and Lumachrome HD Acrylic prints are available here.

I hope you enjoy your time here and find something that moves and inspires you in the way it does me.

Iridescent Abstract Collections

Science of Soap Film Iridescence

Just like a rainbow, the colors arise completely naturally as a consequence of light breaking up into different wavelengths. Read more...

Nature and Landscape Collections

Types of Prints

Curious about the difference between Lumachrome HD Acrylic and Chromaluxe Metal prints? Click here...

My Story

For once I was certain, now I have doubts...

Cherish chaos, creativity, and confusion?