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Thank you for your interest in my work. Through this website I’m offering my contemporary abstract and nature photography in the form of luxurious, elegant, fine art prints. The prints are limited editions of 50 or 95 as mentioned on each product page. To know more about the type of prints I offer please click here.

You’ll see many different photographic techniques and styles used to create this portfolio. That said, my work can primarily be divided into two categories - Soap Film Photography and Nature Photography.

Have you seen colors in a soap bubble? That is essentially what I shoot. The photos are real extreme closeups of vibrant and unique patterns on the surface of a soap film that are created through a process called Interference.

My nature work focuses on capturing the mood or message of a place at given moment in time in the form of a captivating visual. Much of my work here is from lesser known places or often overlooked areas in famous tourist destinations.

You can see all my work through the Collections page or by scrolling below. The Artist page has more information about me. There is a beautiful message associated with the soap film photos which is akin to an artist’s statement.

I hope you enjoy your time on my website and find something that moves and inspires you in the way it does me.

  • Dance of Light

    Unique and Vibrant Modern Art

  • Emotions

    Deeply Personal Contemporary Art

  • Nature and Landscape

    Captivating Beauty of Nature Photography

  • Nature Abstracts

    Photographs that look like paintings

  • Black and White

    Stunning Monochrome Images


This is my most successful photograph in terms of how well it is received by all viewers and in competitions.

Once again dense fog does all the heavy lifting. Very little editing was necessary. This is nature's magic at its best. To get a wider context of this image please... Read More