Namaste! My name is Abhisar. Welcome to my little corner of the world.

I was born and raised in India before moving to the USA. My background is in Computer Science Engineering followed by a Master’s in Business. That period of my life felt like a cakewalk. I didn't realize it at that time but I could simply crush any emotion and get on with things. Stuff like physics and calculus just made sense. Drawing was the only subject I failed at. I recall a conversation with my English teacher where I told her, "Art is for idiots!" She tried her best to explain but I had no way to connect with her words. Poetry, for instance, felt like somebody just throwing a bunch of words together that we were then supposed to make sense of.

Things changed when I moved to the US. The first year of living together with my wife was tough. It was during those tumultuous days that I really worked on slowing down and paying attention. From a smug, confident, smart-witted young man, I have slowly transitioned to a more curious, thoughtful human being full of doubt.

Access to my own emotions remains a challenge but at least I've found a few that I can recognize. The rest is a work in progress. And my photography is a major part of that process.

Colors and patterns fascinate me. Part of me wants to simply acknowledge it as a phenomenon of science and move on. Yet somewhere inside I also want to just sit and lose myself in an image. While this mental tussle might take some time to resolve, I have realized that the thing I have most enjoyed in recent years is the sight of a child running in to my booth. With eyes wide open and a tiny arm stretched out she goes, "Mommy, I love this." Part of me is still that child and I'm trying to connect with him.

Solitude has proven to be very helpful to me. I'm often lonely when I'm not alone. Traveling to the wilderness with my wife has been a blessing. She never complains, even if I spend hours in an area with my attention completely devoted to the camera and my surroundings. She is my rock, plus a source of energy and confidence, as well as a guiding light.

Perhaps you can see where I am in life and the path that got me here. Please feel free to browse around and reach out to me anytime. I have an earnest eagerness for finding and making connections.

Here's hoping you find something that inspires you and moves you as it does me.