Prints Comparison

Thank you for your interest in my art. At this time I offer my limited edition prints in three forms.

1) Lumachrome HD Acrylic Prints

Acrylic print of stunning abstract photograph created with soap film photography

Lumachrome HD acrylic prints offer an unparalleled level of visual quality and clarity. The printing process and acrylic face-mounting technique create an effect that is similar to looking through a high-quality glass window, with images that seem to jump off the surface and appear almost three-dimensional. The level of detail and depth of color in these prints is truly remarkable.

When looking at my prints at an art fair, people often remark that they feel as though they are right there and can just simply step into the scene. I have even noticed some visitors take selfies in front of my large prints as it equals the look and feel of being there.

In addition to their visual appeal, Lumachrome HD acrylic prints are also extremely durable. I offer TruLife Acrylic that is scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, anti-glare, and generally more resistant to wear and tear than traditional print materials like paper or canvas. This makes them an excellent investment for any art collector who wants to ensure that their collection remains in pristine condition for years to come. They make for great heirloom art too.

Furthermore, Lumachrome HD acrylic prints have a modern and sleek aesthetic that can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space. The combination of high-quality printing and acrylic face-mounting creates a unique look that is perfect for contemporary and modern spaces. The prints can also be displayed without a frame, which can add to their minimalist and refined appeal.

Framing is available at an extra charge. I recommend original Italian Roma moulding or Larson & Juhl moulding to add a classy and luxurious look as seen in the image below. Please contact me if you’d like to get the prints framed. I will work with you to pick out the ideal frame for your chosen art.

Framed Lumachrome Acrylic HD print of spectacular nature photograph taken at Sparks Lake Oregon

These prints usually take three weeks to make and then the shipping time based on your location. Framing can add more time as availability isn’t guaranteed in these days of supply chain shortages. The wait is always worth it as this piece will last you a lifetime and more.

2)  Chromaluxe Aluminum prints

Beautiful Nature Photograph from Bosque Del Apache NWR printed on Chromaluxe Aluminum

ChromaLuxe Aluminum prints are a stunning and unique way to display your favorite photographs. One of the key benefits of these prints is their exceptional color vibrancy and sharpness, which is achieved through a specialized dye sublimation process. This process involves infusing dyes directly into the aluminum surface at a high temperature and pressure, which produces colors that are incredibly rich and true to life.

In addition to their vibrant colors, ChromaLuxe Aluminum prints also have a beautiful luminosity and depth. The reflective surface of the metal adds a certain sparkle and shimmer to the image, which enhances its overall visual impact. This effect is particularly striking in images that contain bright colors or areas of contrast. There are options to choose a semi-gloss or matte surface if the image is to be displayed in a room with lots of windows. These choices reduce the glare considerably.

Chromaluxe Aluminum prints are guaranteed to maintain their quality for decades when hung appropriately and away from direct sunlight. Maintenance is very easy as these can simply be wiped with a damp cloth. They are a lot more moisture resistant than any paper or canvas print.

Chromaluxe Aluminum prints offer a sleek modern look when displayed without a frame. Add in the fact that they are lightweight and easy to maintain, and these prints become the ideal choice for offices, apartment complexes, hotels, hospitals, and other public areas. They can also bring your favorite art to bathrooms and places where moisture would most certainly ruin paper prints.

Gorgeous nature photograph printd on Chromaluxe AluminumRear view with hanging wire of a beautiful nature photograph printed on Chromaluxe AluminumSide view of a Chromaluxe Metal print of a stunning nature photograph

Framing is available. People often like to use a float frame option where the print seems to hang in the air between the frame. The image below is a good example of this look. Please contact me to discuss framing options.

These prints usually take a week in production. Framing can increase the lead time substantially.

3) Matted Paper Prints

Matted prints of nature and abstract fine art photography

At art fairs I also offer matted prints in small sizes. These are made by me and offer a great option from people with limited wall space. You have to buy a frame to hang these. These were born from my experiences at the first couple of fairs that I ever did. Many people loved my work and asked me to make it “more accessible”.

I do not offer these through the website. Please check my art fair schedule on the website and come see me at your convenience. Alternatively, my home works as a gallery and you are welcome to set up an appointment.

I hope this page helps you make the choice of the kind of print you would like. Feel free to reach out to me via phone, text, or email if I can be of more assistance. It will always be my pleasure.