Unintended Consequences

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Size: 12X12

Material: Chromaluxe Aluminum

This is one of my favorite abstract photographs.

It is nothing more than a staircase with the shadow of the handrail providing the focal point.

If we pause for a moment and think, the handrail is straight. And the shadow it casts is also straight. However, due to the shape of the stairs we get this image with the shadow forming a pretty pattern.

In life a lot of times we act with the best of intentions. These too can, unfortunately, cause a lot of harm. It often depends on the circumstances of others. I've seen from close quarters the deep negative personal impact honest actions with the best of intentions can have.

This beautiful piece of contemporary abstract photography is available in a limited edition of 50 prints.


Lumachrome HD acrylic prints offer an unparalleled level of visual
quality and clarity. The printing process and acrylic face-mounting
technique create an effect that is similar to looking through a
high-quality glass window, with images that seem to jump off the surface and appear almost three-dimensional. For more details please read this comparison of different types of prints.

ChromaLuxe Aluminum prints are a stunning and unique way to display your favorite photographs. One of the key benefits of these prints is their exceptional color vibrancy and sharpness, which is achieved through a specialized dye sublimation process. This process involves infusing dyes directly into the aluminum surface at a high temperature and pressure, which produces colors that are incredibly rich and true to life. For more details please read this comparision of different types of prints

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