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"...The prints are stunning and I received compliments on them from all our guests. I couldn't be happier with the selection that we made..." -Amy

"I love this artist's ability to capture the world around us in very creative ways... Each time I look at these pieces I feel inspired and grateful for the opportunity to have these at home to enjoy..." -Elia

"I have one of Lightly Spiced Gallery's modern nature photos hanging in my office and I absolutely love it!..." - Callie



This was one of my early photographs that I was going to discard but always felt there was more to it. In a way there was a desire inside me to make it work.

After leaving it alone for over a year I had an idea for editing it differently and that gave birth to the art you see. I've selectively removed colors except Yellow, Orange, and Red. This left a flame like look with embers and ashes flying in the air. It captured my fascination and fed my appetite.

Since it is one of my early works I used a very basic Canon Rebel camera to capture this and the resolution of the image is limited. Only small or medium sized prints are ideal.

This work of contemporary abstract photography is available in a limited edition of 50 prints.